Dear Park Ridge Friends:

Back in 2010, when economic issues caused the City of Park Ridge to suspend its annual holiday lights program, groups of volunteers took up the task. By Christmas 2014, however, those efforts had waned to the point where both Uptown and South Park had lost their holiday charm.

In Fall 2015, however, a small group of Park Ridge business owners and civic leaders formed a not-for-profit organization called the "Park Ridge Holiday Lights Fund." Its goal: Raise enough funds each year to pay for the purchase and professional installation of lights throughout both the Uptown and South Park business districts. And thanks to the generous donations from so many of you, our first three holiday seasons were a huge success as our beautiful City was aglow with thousands of lights.

2020 has certainly been a topsy-turvy year for all of us and we are cognizant of the financial hardship that many of our fellow Park Ridge residents have experienced during the past several months. It is our hope that the 2020 Park Ridge Holiday Lights display can bring a little joy and "normalcy" to our community which has experienced anything but "normal" over the past several months. Acknowledging some of the financial challenges that our community has recently faced, we have decided not to add any new features to our lights display for this season. As a result, our fundraising goal for this year is $25,000 - this will provide us with the funds needed to cover installation by our phenomenal team of installers at B&B Holiday Decorating. If you are able, we would appreciate any donation you can provide to help us reach our 2020 goal - but even if you aren't able to donate this season, please spread the word to your neighbors and friends about the PRHLF - together, as a community, we can do this!